Welcome to Poolhall World; a project designed to help pool players around the world help other players find the best poolhalls and the best tournaments to play!


Several years ago I walking through Barcelona with a good friend of mine in search of the local poolhall we had heard about. It was supposed to be “somewhere behind La Rambla”, those of you who have been to Barcelona, might know that that is not a description that is really defined. So after about an hour and a half of walking around we gave up and decided to go the whisky bar instead.

After Barcelona

Back in Amsterdam I started to think about what happened. There was a poolhall in Barcelona and there were people who wanted to play there… seems like there is an opportunity there somewhere…

Mosconi Cup – Las Vegas 2011

Some years after Barcelona I went to Vegas with another friend to watch the Mosconi  Cup. As the matches were during the day we spent the evenings in the local poolhalls playing the house tournaments and having fun with the locals. Somewhere there seemed to be more opportunities with poolhalls and pool players.


I started some preliminary tests with just the Netherlands but decided that the true challenge was in allowing people to find the best poolhalls in countries they didn’t know yet. The concept of Poolhall World was born…


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